Georges-Emmanuel Benhaïm
Chairman • Foods & Goods SA

"I am very happy and proud to have been the first customer of Zone Evénements/Events Zone, and thus have modestly contributed to the start of the agency that is now recognized as a serious and successful reference on the national market. Everything is a story of men and women and this story began with a meeting with Mehdi Bennis.

The confidence and motivation he inspired led us to trust him and give him a very ambitious mission compared to the size of the agency at the time and its experience.

Ten years later, I find in this young man, the same motivation, the same ability to work, the same permanent positivity, the same smile, and the same usual good humour...

These qualities make of him a man of challenges. That is what allowed us in 2004 to organize one of the best Red Bull evening events in the past 10 years. The theme, location, size, number of participants, etc... All were of the superlative and of the challenge brilliantly taken up by our joint teams, and with the added bonus of great joy, despite the stress inherent in the organization of such an event. Congratulations Mehdi and long life to Zone Evénements/Events Zone."

Contract Coordinator • Project Management Unit / Crafts Ministry of Handicrafts

I had the pleasure of working with the Zone Evénements/ Events Zone agency at the level of the promotion of the National Crafts label. I discovered a dynamic hard working and professional team that successfully carried out the implementation of a (multi-channel) promotional campaign to launch the new National Crafts Label.

Despite the relatively tight time-frame for the communication part, the work team showed a great sense of professionalism and commitment.

Throughout the sixteen months of the contract, the agency, with its expertise and professionalism, made an efficient and effective contribution to the project's success.

Brahim Ouamane
Contract Coordinator • Project Management Unit / Crafts Ministry of Crafts

Throughout the implementation period of the project to promote tourism circuits incorporating Crafts, of which the Press Relations component was the cornerstone of the whole project, Zone Evénements/Events Zone brought all its expertise, efficiency and its relevant tips to enhance the Communication and Public Relations dimension of the project


Their strong relationships with Media professionals have been of great help to the project manager.

Zone Evénements/Events Zone was our immediate consultant and was able to accompany us brilliantly and with dedication to the success of our project.

Corporate Communication Manager, McDonald's

For me, my work with agencies must be based on a relationship of trust and mutual respect beyond the classic appearance established by any partnership between an agency and a client. It must also be based on smooth communication that is clear and transparent and, for that, it is true that if affinities develop between teams, it helps most.

My collaboration with Zone Evénements / Events Zone was more than professional; in the end, I developed fraternal ties with certain members of the team, with whom we share common values to which I give a lot of importance in the professional world and which are important in my opinion such as ethics, speed and efficiency. Their technical skills (such as organization or their ability to be simultaneously on several fronts) and human skills (such as teamwork or their readiness and ability to listen) make me congratulate them and thank them for these qualities.

The professionalism of ZoneEvénements and their ability to manage the most difficult situations, criticisms and even the craziest situations also make me grateful to them for their patience. So, thank you for those moments, thank you for that experience and thank you for the giggles!

Kamal Mouhoub
Franchise Manager - Novartis

With the Zone Evènements team Mehdi and his staff it was due to its professionalism, availability, kindness, courtesy, flexibility, totally tied to the fun aspect.